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1. Open Windows 7
2. Press Win+R keys together to open the run dialog box and type - gpedit.msc
3. Expand the folders in order or "Administrative Templates" - "User Configuration" - "System" - "Driver Installation" .
4. On the right you will see a icon "Code Signing for Device Drivers" , double click that
5. Click "enable" button at the top, and "Ignor " at the bottom to ignor any signature check.
6. hit apply, ok and close everything
7. Reboot or in "Run" window type the command "gpupdate /force" this will enfoce the group policy update that time itself..

Now the computer will load any drivers anytime.

Now, you should avoid unsigned drivers as much as possible for ur system to be stable.
After you unsigned drivers for Windows 7 x64.. Go to number 5 and disabled it again to return to normal and reboot andyou are now able to run flip at anytime while your system remain to be stable. It works! :)

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