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New Product: PS3YES-Pro Download & Upgrade PS3YES-Pro and Console Downgrade Buy It!

We are following psgroove and

We can't JAILBREAK fw3.42, fw3.50, fw3.55 now.
Downgrade fw3.55: KaKaRoTo Downgrades v3.55 PS3 Console to v3.41.
Play 3.50 game: PS3 v3.50 Game EBOOT's Rewritten for v3.41!
We can't back to PSN with JAILBREAK now.

The truth of Blu-ray problem
How to fix the Blu-ray problem

We release:
The first free PSGRADE Downgrader HEX.(Downgrade FW3.42 and FW3.50 to FW3.41)

The first FW3.55 SPOOF HEX.(Prevent the console update to FW3.55)


Don't use these firmwares except you totally understand what's the REBUG.
rebug+spoof for ps3yes-pro
rebug+spoof for ps3yes
Source code
For "prod-qa" and "sp-int"

Don't use these firmwares except you totally understand what's the REBUG.
yesRebug for PS3YES-Pro
jiongRebug for PS3YES

First give the best respect to great Graf Chokolo!
He bring us the usb Master key.
Some users ask about how to generate a custom usb dongle key, the SlaveSoft.com have a free software HashCalc for windows, we can use it to generate the key.

Thanks bearmon2010 and HellBoyX2, they give us an instruction about how to LOAD UNSIGNED DRIVERS on WIN7, and help the users feel more easy to install AT90USB162 DFU driver on WIN7.

Prevent update to fw3.55:
yesPS3YES-Pro:port1_hermes_spoof355_ps3yespro.bin was released.

jiongPS3YES:Hermesv4b_spoof355_ps3yes.hex was released.

Open downgrade source:
psgrade.c and key.h
yesFor PS3YES-Pro user:Do not use PS3YES firmware

We now confirm the Key for AAAA was :
04 4E 61 1B A6 A6 E3 9A 98 CF 35 81 2C 80 68 C7 FC 5F 7A E8
And big thanks Graf Chokolo,zAxis, Hansi, Hermes , Kakaroto...etc...again.
PS3YES-Pro Downgrade Mode Firmeware was released!
yesDownload PS3YES-Pro Downgrade Mode Firmware.(Fit to all at90usb162 8Mhz boards
Download PS3YES- Pro JAILBREAK Firmware.

About Update PS3YES-Pro firmware and downgrade Console's firmware.
Download the package to downgrade(DGF.rar)

Thanks PSGroove, Thanks:
Graf Chokolo, zAxis, Hansi, Hermes , Kakaroto
Our downgrade firmware base on PSGRADE, we will open the source soon.

jiongPS3YES DOWNGARDE firmware

Other support:

AT90USBKEY at90usb1287 8mhz

Teensy++ 1.0 at90usb646 16mhz

Teensy++ 2.0 at90usb1286 16mhz

About Downgrade function:
We are working for it and would release it in a few days.

Notice:PSN Blocked / Users Asked To Update, don't try it again.

New packages to PS3YES! ready.
We change the packege of orignal PS3YES and add a inner flag: a
Thanks evilsperm,xoeo,cyberskunk...
Now we have:
- xoeo - PSN Support
- ecosystem_mod - 3.50 Spoof
- math - corrected offset
- 0x82 - debug console
- 0x09 - CECH20A / CECH20B (120GB/250GB Slim) - DYN-001

hermes-evilsperm-cyberskunk-xoeo_ps3yes.hex for ps3yes.
port1_hermes-evilsperm-cyberskunk-xoeo.bin for PS3YES-Pro
(Warning:Use at your own risk!)

Thanks Xoeo did greate job!
Now we can connect PSN without upgrade to FW3.50(Warning:Use at your own risk!)
We just test it works well, but warning again, use at your own risk!
We follow Xoeo and release the payload for PS3YES-Pro and the firmware for PS3YES!(without 80010009 error).

PS3YES-Pro on stock and start selling.
PS3YES-Pro Features
* Quickly recognize PC or CONSOLE in 6 seconds, act as a USB Disk on PC.
* No need to flash the firmware for update JAILBREAK, no need to install the update software, no need to install the driver, simply copy the files for update.
* The "update files" is the various branches of JAILBREAK native payload, complete with hardware-independent, no need to care what chip is suitable, no need to care the chip running on what frequency.
* Automatically turn to USB disk mode after JAILBREAK, for install the game manager
* Support Hermes v4 (v4b) inside, if empty the USB disk, will automatically load it.
* Support PL3 branch, including fw3.01,fw3.10,fw3.15,fw3.21,fw3.40,fw3.41 can directly copy the payload files to use.

Now support all PL3 payload include fw3.01, fw3.10, fw3.15, fw3.21, fw3.40, fw3.41.
Modify payload downloads for PS3YES-Pro.
Modify the user manual for PS3YES-Pro.
New product PS3YES-Pro preview, sampling and testing.

* 8M Bytes flash memory.
* Act as USB storage after JAILBREAK or plug into PC.
* Simply copy payload(now support Hermes and PL3 payload) to upgrade.
* Hermes v4 firmware inside while USB storage empty.
* use ESD protected and SMD crystal give more good quality.

Thanks Bearmon2010. He wrote a document for how to upgrade PS3YES!

Gaia Manager 1.02(rc3) was upload.
Gaia manager V1.01 download was added.
Thanks Utoobyourself.  He created video on how to PROGRAM & use the PS3YES! There is Youtube link

Hermes v4 at PS3YES! was released, It was complied as V4B payload source.
Hermes_New_UpdateFix_1015.hex(Hermes+Waninkoko+Mathieulh) was released
Waninkoko pkgdemo beta1010 at PS3YES! was released.
upload Open Manager v1.16.
Hermes v3.0 beta1006 at PS3YES! was released. upload Open Manager v1.15.
Jevinskie fw3.01 fw3.15 fw3.41 beta was released.
Reduce HEX file size to ~9KB.
Open source code: How to implement auto enter upgrade mode by modify psgroove.c.
Hermes v2 firmware v1.1001(Beta2) was released. New Hermes Payload v2 – Fixes for F1 2010
Hermes v2 firmware v1.1001(Beta) was released. New Hermes Payload v2 – Fixes for F1 2010 .

open manager 1.0 Download

Product certification check page was added .  All our products from today will have the official unique certification code, you can verify  on this link

Hermes's Patched Backup Manager V2.0 was uploaded.
Hermes LV2 firmware Version 1.0923 (Beta) was released - No Longer Requires Disc in Drive .

We are so sorry about 0922 firmware, this is a mistake. Now we already released a new firmware (V_1.0923). After upgrade with 0922 firmware, You have to do a hard upgrade, or return it to reseller. We have one year warranty.

2010-09-19: LV2 firmware (Beta) was resleased.

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